Water Mist Systems

SHG offers firefighting equipment and automatic systems based on a unique technology which can produce billions of tiny droplets form a single liter of water

  • Efficient fire control, without the need of high pressure pumps
  • Cooling effect 100 times more efficient then with the use of water
  • Improved smoke scrubbing, better heat protection
  • Extinguishes all types of fire including electrical fires
  • Less water needed to control the fire
  • No collateral damages
  • Safe for people and equipment
  • Variety of nozzles and firefighting equipment

Water Mist method is known in the fire business for many years. This method is based on a technology that breakes the water to tiny droplets and creates a gentle water mist screen. According to the international standards, water mist is defined when the size of each droplet is no more than 1000 micron. Our water mist technology produces droplets at the size of 50-100 micron and less, using low pressure equipment with minimum usage of water.

How does the method reduce heat?
Water is used as a cooling agent by absorbing energy while it is vaporized. Therefore, faster cooling will be established when more water molecules meets the hot area. Efficient water mist technology produces around 2 billion droplets from a single liter of water, this way more water surface is vaporizing and cooling is enhanced.

How does the method reduce oxygen?
When water vaporizes, they become steam that has 1500 times higher volume than the water itself. Steam is an inert gas that “replaces” the oxygen away from the fire area. This way the fire has no oxygen to continue the burning cycle and it is extinguished.