First Response Firefighting Kits

Our First Response Firefighting kits are based on water tanks and powerful pumps. They are designed to fit off road vehicles, trailers, pickup trucks
and ATV’s. The kits work independently, they can come as a mobile unit
or as a full equipped fire truck.

  • Applicable for wildfires, structural fires and industrial fires
  • Independent, mobile and self-contained
  • Proven firefighting experience around the world
  • Provides high water flow at high pressure
  • Compatible for various vehicles
  • Can be used with structured water tank or external water source
  • Reliable components, low maintenance and user friendly

Can be used for direct attack or for spraying fire retardants to create fire breaks

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First Response Firefighting kits that are based on water tanks and powerful pumps. The kits are designed in various sizes and formations in order to fit the specific vehicle in use. The kits are mainly designed to fit off-road vehicles that can quickly arrive the most remote fire scenes.

What advantages does the kits have compared to other firefighting systems?

Beside the fact that our kits are cost efficiency and user friendly, they are portable and collapsible. They are designed to fit any vehicle and can be loaded or dismantled from the vehicle.

How does the kits work?

The kits work as any other standard firefighting system. A water powerful water pump draws the water from the tank / external water source to the fire hose. If necessary, a foam proportioner can be added to the kit.

What types of fire does the kit extinguish best?

The kit can extinguish any kind of fire types - from wildfires to more complex fire types. When adding fire agent such as FireAde2000 the kit can be used for direct attack or for dispersing fire retardants to stop fire spread.

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