Automatic, Effective & Powerful fire suppression foam system
based on CAF technology

  • Powerful fire extinguishing capabilities, high durability and protection of large areas.
  • Self-contained systems with no need of a fixed water supply or electricity.
  • Low application rates enable the use of low water quantities and water pressure.
  • High coverage enables minimum nozzles & pipe setup.
  • Minimum water damage.
  • Immediate smoke scrubber.
  • High reliability in emergency scenario.
  • Simple and easy maintenance.
  • Fast refill for reuse.

How Do ACAF systems work?

ACAF systems are unique as they produce a thick, strong and homogeneous foam blanket by injecting nitrogen or air directly into the solution line. This thick foam is created in the supply lines and not at the end device therefore finished foam flows inside the pipeline.
Low expansion and high-quality foam is generated from air or nitrogen injection. The system has high extinguishing capabilities and generates high durable foam.

Our systems are designed according to the needs of the protected area. The result is full, fast and effective protection utilizing our thick and stable CAF foam. A special patented manifold design controls the foam generation and establishes a layer of homogenous bubbles.

What standards do ACAF systems have?

ACAF systems use CAF (Compresses Air Foam) technology. This technology is classified and detailed in NFPA 11 standard under chapter 7. The FM Approval covers all of ACAF’s self-contained and fixed water systems as called out in FM Approval class 5136.
In addition the system is approved by the Israeli fire department and standard institute.

What application rate is required from the system?

Because of the systems high extinguishing abilities, the standard requires low application rates in comparison to other water or CAF fire systems. NFPA 11 standard requires 0.045gpm/ft2/min application rate for CAF systems.

Where can ACAF system be used?

This technology is approved to be used in extra hazard areas and has high performances in extinguishing dangerous materials, flammable liquids, tires, plastics and more.
ACAF systems is used in production lines, tank farms, warehouses, hangars, tunnels, underground parking lots and more.

What are the advantages in using ACAF systems?

The most significant advantage of ACAF systems are its high extinguishing abilities that needs only a small amount of water. The system is an independent system with no need of a fixed water supply.
The small amount of water that is used prevents Infrastructure damage and enables a quick reestablish of use.
Another significant advantage of ACAF systems is its smoke suppression abilities. This advantage stops the release of smoke and toxic vapors and helps the survival of civilians and fire fighters.

What nozzles can be used with these systems?

DN7 Nozzles – Most ACAF systems have specific high coverage nozzles. These multi-port nozzles are highly cost effective as they allow for the greatest spacing possible, to minimize the number of nozzles and piping needed.

Fixed hose reels- The system automatically provides foam to asset of hose reels installed inside the protected area. The foam is spread to a 20-meter distance providing a safe firefighting area.

Oscillating Monitor Systems - An automatic hydraulic system. Activation of the detection system triggers the CAF generator to start creating CAF and will simultaneously open a control valve that will start solution flow to the monitor creating the sweeping motion that distributes the CAF. Monitors are positioned to cover the entire hazard area with CAF.  Oscillating Monitor Systems are ideal in aircraft hangars and heliports.