Our Products

The most advanced and complete user-friendly firefighting agent produced in the world, extinguishes all types of fires.
FireAde2000 is the main product in a series of fire agents fit to extinguish fires and safe life and property. All our company’s products are environmentally friendly and no toxic.

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CAF systems are unique foam systems that provide extreme extinguishing power without the need to connect to the water or power infrastructure. Our systems have high discharge distance, long discharge duration and can be easily used even by untrained personnel.

Our line of products comes in various sizes and formations adjustable to the costumers needs (including specific modeling if needed)

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ACAF systems uses unique and un-matched technology to produce a thick, strong and homogeneous foam by injecting air to the foam solution. ACAF system are an automatic, FM approved system designed to protect facilities holding hazardous materials with a small amount of water (as low as 5% compared to water alone).

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S.H. Goren specializes in engineering, designing and manufacturing various kinds of first response vehicles. Our experienced engineering department works together with our customers to understand and meet their needs and supply the best solution.

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Water Mist Systems

SHG offers firefighting equipment and automatic systems based on a unique technology which can produce billions of tiny droplets form a single liter of water

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Winter Equipment

Our company provides special winter safety products for snow and ice conditions such as -snow plows, salt spreaders, snow chains and more. We hold various models that fit many kind of vehicles

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