First response vehicles

S.H. Goren specializes in engineering, designing and manufacturing various kinds of first response vehicles. Our experienced engineering department works together with our customers to understand and meet their needs and supply the best solution.

Our products are based on the highest and most innovated technology’s available today.
In addition to our high extinguishing power we provide reliable, low maintenance and easy to use solutions.

  • Set up for any kind of vehicle, trailers and more
  • Minimum maintenance together with long lifespan
  • Operation in the harshest weather condition
immediate Enforcer MC

Enforcer MC- Firefighting motorcycle for First response vehicles in urban or off-road areas.

immediate Enforcer 60 dragged

Enforcer 60- Installation on trailers including various additions.

immediate Enforcer 60 truck

Enforcer 60- Installation on trucks and vans including light weight emergency storage chassis.

immediate Enforcer 60 tomcar

Enforcer 60 Tomcar – Firefighting rescue vehicle for First response vehicles in remote areas


DEFENSOR- The most reliable and equipped mini fire truck in the world.


Waterax - a compact and lightweight firefighting unit designed for use on ATVs and small utility vehicles.